Jackson’s Future with Buccaneers Unclear


There is little doubt that the veteran wide receiver does not want to play for the Buccaneers anymore. From requesting a trade to temper tantrums on the field to not being around for some post-game interviews, Jackson’s disgust is more than obvious.

Jackson was happy when Ryan Fitzpatrick was hitting him in stride for long gains. They seemed to be on the same page, something he and Winston just cannot seem to accomplish.

Unfortunate for the 11-year veteran, Jameis Winston is Tampa’s quarterback moving forward, which leaves Jackson blowing in the wind. The veteran receiver suffered a thumb injury against the 49ers, and this afforded him the opportunity to request that he be placed on IR for the remainder of the season. Not only will this allow the veteran to heal, but it also allows him to seek other avenues.

The Buccaneers can let Jackson walk next season with no cap hit. Jackson does have the big play ability, which he showed with Fitzpatrick at the helm. Fitzpatrick connected with Jackson 27 times in 38 attempts for 552 yards and three TDs. With Winston at the helm, he and Jackson only connected 13 times in 33 attempts with 1 TD. A major discrepancy.

Tampa and Jackson should part ways, especially if Jameis Winston is to remain the starting QB heading into the 2019 season. But one has to wonder—why didn’t the Buccaneers trade DeSean Jackson when he requested it? Isn’t it better to get something of value than not?

As it looks now, Jackson will be a free agent in 2019 unless something drastically changes. For many fans, this is a good thing. Many see the writing on the wall during games, and that writing is in big bold letters. JACKSON WANTS OUT!