Report: Mike McCarthy “most connected” with Bucs leading into Black Monday


It has been reported by Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated that former Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy has been most connected with the Bucs leading up to a very much up and down 2018 campaign. It is all but certain that current Head Coach Dirk Koetter will be dismissed after another disappointing season. Especially after multiple mixed reports coming out of Tampa Bay. GM Jason Licht has also been thought to be on the hot seat for much of the same reasons. Breer states that one, if not both, could be gone by Monday.

“The Buccaneers are a little like Arizona in that word has held that the coach, Dirk Koetter, is likely to be gone, particularly with a staff full of assistants on expiring deals, but the situation of GM Jason Licht seems to be murkier. This job is the one that ex-Packers coach Mike McCarthy has been connected most to.”

What isn’t crystal clear from the report is which job is he linked to: Head Coach or GM. One would think that at this stage he would be a great fit as the next Head Coach, and Licht would stick around a little longer. With out a doubt there is a good amount of speculation, as per usual, leading into the final game of the season.

Stay tuned to as this story develops.

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